• Marci Quinn

Necessity Bags for the Homeless and Those in Need

It all started when my kids were about 2 and 4 years old. I used to take them into NYC once a week to go to parks, museums, and to get lunch and a treat at vegan restaurants. When I would see a homeless person, it broke my heart. So I would give them any food or money I had at the time. Then, I would start intentionally bringing in granola bars or another snack to give out. And now, I bring in bags of as many necessities I can and hand them out to anyone who needs them. With the gracious help of many of my friends in neighbors through Facebook, I collect toiletry & winter accessory donations to help fill the bags and fill in with water and granola bars and other items I have on hand, as I can. While I know I am not solving the greater problem, I am doing what I can do within my means at the moment. I can only pray that I can find bigger and more impactful ways to help in the near future.

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