• Marci Quinn

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last weekend, I watched MLK: The Assassination Tapes on tv. I’ve been reading and learning a lot about Dr King over the past few years but there was something about watching this one that hit me on a different level. I realized he seemed to have no fear – I think he understood on the deepest level that as long as he was fulfilling his purpose in his life, there was nothing to fear - not even death. Maybe he knew that even if he died in pursuit of peace and equality everything would still be better in the world than had he not even tried.

He has been a true inspiration for me. He sacrificed his entire life and time with his wife and children, in pursuit of what God put him on this Earth to do. Just thinking about him and how he lived his life gives me so much motivation to keep listening to what God wants me to do. And the thing is… if you listen to God, and do what brings you pure joy, there isn’t anything to fear.

Once my perspective changed in this respect, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up and things seem to just happen for me in ways that support what I love to do.

It’s amazing how someone’s legacy and spirit can live on through other people and inspire others to live their most purposeful, joy-filled life. We all have it in us to live this life just by listening to our heart.

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