• Marci Quinn

Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants Across America

Check out these vegan black-owned restaurants if you are ever in the area!

1. Stuff I Eat - Englewood, CA

2. Trio Plant Based - Minneapolis, MN

3. Gangster Vegan Organics - Riverdale, MD

4. Slutty Vegan - Atlanta, GA

5. Veltree (soul food) - Charlotte, NC

6. Azla (Ethiopian) - Los Angeles, CA

7. Dejan Eats (Carribean) - Eatonville, FL

8. The Southern V (Comfort food) - Nashville, TN

9. Souley Vegan (Louisiana soul food) - Oakland, CA

10. The V Tree Hollywood (soul food) - Hollywood, CA

11. NuVegan Cafe (soul food)- DC, MD, VA

12.Southern Roots Vegan Bakery - San Antonio, TX

13. Jackfruit Cafe - (elevated vegan Chipotle) - Los Angeles, CA

14. Sol Sips (Bevs and Bites)- Brooklyn, Bushwick, NY

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