• Marci Quinn

DIY Craft Game For Birthday Parties and Holidays

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

This craft was inspired by the punch out game from The Price Is Right. I use this punch out cup game for in class birthday party celebrations, and at fun holiday parties for Halloween or Valentines Day, etc. Kids punch through the tissue paper and grab their prize - prizes like crayons, candy, stickers, small toys etc. Here's what you need to make this game!

1 Presentation Board

20+ Solo Cups

Tissue Paper

Elastic Bands

20 + Paper Clips, straightened out

Map out where you want each cup to be positioned on the board by tracing the bottom of the cup. Make 2 small holes through the board and the corresponding cup. Weave the paper clips through and tie them in the back of the board, so the cup stays attached to the board. Attach all the cups this way. Fill each cup with the prizes and cut square pieces of tissue paper to cover the opening of the cups. Use the elastic Bands to secure the tissue paper around the cup. Mark the tissue paper with numbers 1 through 20. Make small pieces of paper with numbers 1 through 20 on them and the kids can each pick a number. Kids loves to help out filling the cups and writing the numbers. Have fun!

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