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12 Ways to Shop for GOOD this Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide – 12 Ways to Shop for GOOD this holiday season

1. Arbor Day Foundation – Gift tree saplings or donate to plant trees in someone’s honor. A great teachers or corporate gift.

2. Cuddle & Kind – a purchase of 1 of these handmade dolls feeds 10 meals to children in need.

3. Conscious Step – Each sock has a different mission: Fight poverty, plant trees, save dogs and cats, save LGBTQ lives, protect rainforests and oceans, fight breast cancer.

4. Bombas Socks – For each pair bought, another pair is donated to those in need.

5. Defenders of Wildlife - Adopt an endangered species and receive a plush stuffed animal and a framed color picture with certificate of adoption. Great for kids!!

6. Warby Parker sunglasses – Buy a Pair, Give a Pair to those in need (due to covid they are now supplying PPE for the time being)

7. FEED projects - Bags and accessories bought provide meals to those in need.

8. Skylar perfume & body products – all vegan – They contribute a portion of proceeds and time to Step Up - non-profit organization that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls across the country.

9. Tentree – men’s, women’s and kids clothing and accessories – they plant 10 trees for each item purchased

10. World Wildlife Foundation – adopt an endangered species and receive a plush stuffed animal, picture and certificate

11. Schmilk Chocolate – cruelty free, vegan chocolate bars and seasonal treats – tastes even better than milk chocolate made with cows’ milk!

12. 4Ocean – for each purchase this company pulls 1 lb of garbage from the ocean.

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